Milorian Octopus Implementation Packages

Today, problem solvers are using dynamic new technologies to drive innovation in their workplace. But, many times, there is a technology gap. Apps do too little or systems are too rigid and expensive, which limits growth and opportunity.

Milorian’s Octopus bridges that gap by making powerful technologies accessible to everyone utilizing Apple’s FileMaker Pro, the cross-platform relational database application that integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface and security features.

Our products are designed to be modified, making it easy to make changes in the spot without having to deal with the bureaucracy of other systems. This way you truly own the code and aren’t afraid to modify it in the future. We can help you implement solutions such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project Management
  • Content Library
  • Asset Manager
  • Invoicing Details
  • Contract Management
  • Event Planning
  • Field Research
  • Supply Management
  • Tour Dashboard

You can purchase an implementation package for help, coaching, or having Milorian do integration and mods for you. It all starts with purchasing a block of time. You can use that for anything from coaching to development: whatever you need to get up and running, and to make the most of your FileMaker solution…

  • migrating your data from older solutions
  • troubleshooting the integration of Milorian into your file
  • brainstorming
  • needs analysis
  • customizations
  • coaching (helping you learn to customize our code)

With an implementation package you can get in there and make changes knowing we’ve got your back, and that you’ll get deployed on time. (If your project is time-sensitive, please give us a ring as we can’t always schedule implementations immediately.)

Package Options

Select one of the options below if you’d like to purchase an implementation package.
  •  5 Hour Package $1,425.00
  •  10 hr Package $2,650.00
  •  20 hr Package $4,900.00